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April 2017 Issue

Procurement Predicament Best Practices

Oilfield PULSE Magazine April 2017 In a tight market, you have to do more with fewer... Read More »

March 2017 Issue

There’s No Spoon: Doing It Right This...

Oilfield PULSE Magazine March 2017 Industry experts and politicians use the “RE”... Read More »

February 2017 Issue

The Law Of Attraction

Oilfield PULSE Magazine February 2017 January 1st, being the start of a calendar year, is also often the start of new taxes. There have been changes in laws and many other regulatory events. In this case, specifically, the... Read More »

December 2016 Issue

Canada Trumps US Economy

We are currently facing multiple disadvantages with the low price of oil and the poor showing of our dollar at $0.75 USD. This is greatly adding to the cost of everything we bring across the border and subsequently meaning we need to... Read More »

September 2016 Issue

Diversify And The Beating Heart Of Commerce...

Even $45 is a sharp increase from the bone jarring drop to $28 a barrel we saw in January of this... Read More »

February 2016 Issue

Eco-Alberta: Re-envisioning The Province’s Role In...

Effective and innovative solutions are most often found by how we define our problems. We cannot limit... Read More »

December 2015 Issue

Crystal Clear On Change

A crystal ball would be a very appropriate forecasting tool for Alberta’s future going into 2016, for we are facing virgin territory. Looking at current events individually, there are many we have seen before and many we have... Read More »