Why do you want to use Oilfield HUB?

If you are an oil and/or gas producing company...

Why do you want to use Oilfield HUB?

Pin to Pipeline Operational Efficiency

To be successful with the current commodity prices you have to run a lean operation. Having all of the appropriate information in one centralized location saves you both time and money. We estimate that upwards of 30% of daily costs regarding unproductive time could be realized if field and office staff do not have to go digging for information relative to each well from construction to completion.

Spreadsheets to Database

Spreadsheets are an acceptable and customary way to keep track of just about anything. What they don’t do very well is help you manage your data and manipulate it to provide a sellable asset back to the appropriate constituents and provide backup for well files. The long term benefits of better data management are becoming increasingly more relevant and important.

Vendor Management

There is hidden money to be realized with a better vendor management system. Oilfield HUB will assist you by identifying all the vendors you currently work with in one Master List. Once you know who you can use, let’s find out why you want to use them. We will work with you to: create a vendor checklist, rank each vendor from 1 to 5, rate/evaluate their performance on each job, keep track of all contact details and service offerings, and display certifications to ensure they meet the required criteria.

There Is A New Reality

Field Data Capture and Reporting

Oilfield HUB will save you money and provide a better way to track your daily costs. Our web based reporting application is easy to use and cost effective. We don’t believe that you should be paying for services you will never use.

There Is A New Reality

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Vice President – Sales
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Why do you want to use Oilfield HUB?





Originally published in the

February 2017 Issue of
Oilfield PULSE