Wouldn’t You Like a Kick Ass Testimonial Like This?

Date PublishedJanuary 7, 2014
CompanyLeadstone Group Inc.
Article AuthorKevin Turko
Article TypePULSE Interactive Newsletter Jan. 2014
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Wouldn’t You Like a Kick Ass Testimonial Like This?

Armitage Resource Management Co. (ARMCO)

Tiffany Armitage

“We were very pleased to work with the team at Oilfield PULSE and Oilfield HUB this month (November 2013 Issue of Oilfield PULSE). It’s nice to see a cohesive team and company that works as hard as we do servicing their clients. We at ARMCO pride ourselves with our service levels and love working with companies that do the same. It was a great experience working with a company that is O&G focused and promotes the industry to the best of their ability.”





On behalf of all of us here at Leadstone Group, we would like to thank Tiffany Armitage and Maria Martiniello for selecting Oilfield PULSE as one of their key digital marketing strategies to close out 2013.  We certainly appreciate the kind words Tiffany sent our way.  Thanks again Tiffany!

We were delighted to have the opportunity to promote ARMCO in our November issue of our Oilfield PULSE magazine.    Tiffany is actually referring to their participation in our Oilfield PULSE – Advantage Custom Cover program.  It was a unique opportunity for ARMCO to feature their company on the cover of our November issue, and a great way to promote their name and image in the oil and gas industry through their 6 page feature in the magazine.  We all got to know Tiffany and her company a bit better as a result.

Relevant digital content for ARMCO’s customers and prospects couldn’t get much better than this.  If you haven’t checked out this issue as of yet, I would encourage you to do so using the link at the bottom of my story.

The beauty of online marketing means it doesn’t need to stop once the magazine hits the digital airwaves.  We also worked with ARMCO to optimize their story in a few different ways.  First, how sweet are LinkedIn updates!  We all worked hard to ensure their issue was noticed not only by ARMCO’s network of clients and prospects, but we also made sure they were seen on our network of operations and supply chain professional on our LinkedIn networks at the oil and gas companies we are dealing with through Oilfield HUB.  And their digital content will live on well beyond the marketing bluster of our November issue.  And that is where PULSE Interactive – our Oilfield HUB digital content marketing channel comes into play.  Not only will people interested in ARMCO’s products and services be able to view the entire magazine at our Oilfield PULSE website for many years to come, they also have access to the feature story on ARMCO’s dedicated company page on PULSE Interactive.  Another fabulous means for the folks at ARMCO to share this content in their ongoing sales and marketing efforts in 2014 and beyond.

These are both great digital ways to amplify your story to those that matter in your professional network at no extra cost!  A little electronic elbow grease went a long way for ARMCO!  And the numbers speak for themselves.  To date, ARMCO’s issue of Oilfield PULSE has achieved over 40,000 impressions in the online world.  Impressive to say the least!

We also worked with ARMCO on an offline marketing strategy to combine their digital achievement with a physical printed handout.  ARMCO was looking for a means to provide their list of customers and potential clients with a paper version of the article, so all of those folks who are not current subscribers to Oilfield PULSE, also had the opportunity to experience their cover and read their feature first hand.  They even threw in a subscription to future issues of Oilfield PULSE, compliments of the team at ARMCO.  You can catch a look at their handout as I have also included a link to the PDF which we create with ARMCO.

It was certainly a pleasure for us to work with the enlightened marketing team at ARMCO!  We are always looking for other companies to grace the cover for future issues of Oilfield PULSE.  This certainly could be your company.  Advertising has a new and expanded definition in this ever evolving digital world.  Our team at Leadstone Group, would like to help your company along this patch.

Let’s have a conversation sometime soon!  We’re as easy as a click or telephone call away. You can reach me at 403-537-6561.

Oilfield PULSE – November 2013 Issue – Featuring ARMCO
ARMCO’s Oilfield PULSE PDF Handout

Kevin Turko, CEO Leadstone Group Inc.