Zendesk, Killing It In B2B

Date PublishedOctober 30, 2016
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Zendesk, Killing It In B2B

Zendesk popped up on our radar last year whilst looking to share some effective examples of B2B communications. They’ve been a company that’s sort of stuck with us ever since, not because we own shares (we don’t), but because they just have such a great brand story.


1. Consistency in Message

Zendesk has had a single mission in mind that’s been communicated since Day 1: leverage technology innovation to improve the customer service experience that brings clients and their customers together. They have fun doing it and they aim to make it easy for everyone to use their applications. This thread has wound its way through everything that Zendesk has done. A quick view of their YouTube

channel demonstrates how older videos—from four years ago—are still relevant today. Their message has remained consistent and it’s remained strong, easily connecting with the viewer/user. The client/customer relationship they talk about is always portrayed in a humorous light, with the customer always featured as the hero. Zendesk  is the background player that facilitates strong relationships, and this has been presented consistently from the beginning.

2. Sense of Culture

There’s a lot of cachet given to how a brand presents itself externally. When people think of branding, they’re usually thinking of the logo, the color scheme, or some other element of the visual identity. Very little attention is given to the internal aspects of a brand, however, and we think that’s a missed opportunity and a failure in distilling the brand.

Internal culture’s “brand fit” is every bit as important to the success of a company as the external. A great brand that’s promoted internally attracts and keeps top level talent, builds pride, and improves a sense of ownership among employees. This is Zendesk is a great example of how a company can communicate their brand internally; reviews from employees about their work life continue to be stellar, indicating that the internal perception of their brand is as strong as ever.

Zendesk, Killing It In B2B

3. Memorable for the Right Reasons

You can’t help but smile whenever you go to the Zendesk website. Whether it was a  cheeky smooshed face on their homepage, or the more recent Diver/Spaceman videos, you have to appreciate that this is a company of people who love helping

Zendesk, Killing It In B2B

their clients and customers get closer. And Zendesk clients are their best brand advocates. Employees love coming to work every day. The emotional attitude they communicate resonates with people in a great way. I think we’d agree that Customer Service Support software isn’t exactly the sexiest offering in the world, but Zendesk has done an incredibly great job in developing emotional resonance with people, which in turn has made it… sexy. It’s continued proof that B2B can be more than Boring-2-Boring.

Zendesk, Killing It In B2B

1. Know Thy Message and Communicate It Well.

A consistently communicated message builds relationships and lets your clients and customers know who you are and what you stand for. And hey, it’s fun when all those come together.

2. NEVER ignore the internal side of your brand.

A continued focus on the presenting of the brand internally helps to build employee engagement and employee ownership. This strengthens the external experience your customers and clients have with every interaction.

3. Personality is memorable.

Building and leveraging an emotional connection to your audience means being true to your brand and communicating it in a personal way. When you really show your brand’s personality, you open the door to build emotional connections with your audience, and that’s what lasts.

Robert M. Schmidt

Zendesk, Killing It In B2B






Originally published in the 

October 2016 Issue of Oilfield PULSE