What Defines A Mentor? Premier Brad Wall Does!

Date PublishedFebruary 28, 2017
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What Defines A Mentor? Premier Brad Wall Does!

January 1st, 2017 was both a happy and sad day for many Albertans. A day filled with anticipation as we all ushered in a fresh start to a new year that many are expecting to be much more hopeful and brighter than 2015 and 2016. For many outside of the ideological political inner circle and the ardent eco-activists, the beginning of 2017 also marked the introduction of the dreaded Alberta carbon tax and the Trans-Canada highway to national carbon pricing at the beginning of 2018.
Notley Trudeau Wall. The 3 Legged Carbon Tax Stool

Two provinces in particular serve to suffer the most from this tax, Alberta and Saskatchewan. Layoffs, failing businesses, declining economy and dwindling opportunities in once ‘have’ provinces, that are now struggling to stay competitive with other oil and gas markets around the world. Unemployment numbers continue to rise with over 28,000 more full time jobs lost in Alberta in January. While Premier Notley and the NDP have embraced the tax with open arms to the dismay of many Albertans, Premier Brad Wall of Saskatchewan is taking a formative stand. He’s just saying “No”!

To help us all fight the New Year’s Eve lingering hangovers, Brad Wall and his team of forward thinking bureaucrats issued the following Facebook post which further sums it up nicely from my perspective …….

“In his year-end interview, Prime Minister Trudeau declared that Brad Wall shouldn’t be worried about how much a carbon tax will cost “his farmers”.

First of all, they aren’t my farmers… they are Canada’s farmers who are literally feeding Canada and the world, and creating thousands of Canadian jobs in the process. And their national government should be working with the Saskatchewan government, not against it, to ensure Canadian agricultural production remains as cost effective as possible in an increasingly competitive global marketplace.

The new federal carbon tax will render this Canadian sector and many others less competitive globally. But that’s fine, says the Prime Minister, because Brad Wall can just return the money to “his farmers”.

Mr. Prime Minister, then what is really the point of this bureaucratic merry-go-round? If the solution is just to give the money back, then what is the point of collecting this tax in the first place?

Let’s focus on technology to solve the global climate problem and stop this ill-conceived carbon tax scheme.”


We applaud Premier Wall for standing up for the people of Saskatchewan, his employers, and not being bullied into a national carbon tax he believes will hurt his province even further. Welcome to this issue of Oilfield PULSE and our theme ……… ‘The Wall that Brad Built – Just Say NO!’ 

Bradley John “Brad” Wall, MLA, has been the 14th Premier of Saskatchewan since November 21, 2007

Political Party: Saskatchewan Party Spouse: Tami Wall
Children: 3
City of Birth: Swift Current, Sask. Degree: Public Administration

Wall Fact: Around one month after Wall was elected, Saskatchewan’s population passed one million for the first time since 2001.

Wall Fact: In 2011, Wall was re-elected with 64 per cent of the vote, 49 of the legislature’s 58 seats and the third-largest majority in the province’s history.

Wall Fact: He is a huge fan of The Simpsons, and says he has some Homer and Ned moments.


He has pledged to not introduce a national or any form of carbon tax in Saskatchewan. He says it will be introduced perhaps when, and only when, their economy picks up and the tax won’t cost more jobs. Premier Wall was quoted as saying, “We will fight any effort from the federal government to make that situation worse, for either those families or other families who depend on a federal government that might understand the situation here. Let’s focus on the real problem, and let us not go down the road with an ill-considered and reckless carbon tax that will cost the jobs of Canadians without any relief in sight.”

Carbon Corner: The Carbon Pollution Shell Game

It’s hard not to look at Brad Wall as an unwavering mentor for the oil & gas sector and for the people across the country that feel they are being pushed, unknowingly for the most part, into energy poverty. How can you not rally behind a leader like Brad Wall who is prepared to put the people of his province ahead of ideological grandstanding on the provincial, national and world stages. Following Brad Wall on social media is nothing but inspiring! Not just because he is fighting the lonely carbon tax battle for us all, but because he is standing up against the total lack of common sense that has invaded the politically correct crowd here in Canada.

He has pledged to not introduce
a national or any form of
carbon tax in Saskatchewan.

We all have or have had mentors in our lives, who have contributed to our success in business and our own personal wellbeing. For me, my mentor was my high school football coach, John Siddle. He taught and guided me not just on the playing field, but in all facets of my life. He showed me how to rise above injury, and through dedication and hard work, to achieve the goals you set for yourself in sports and life, despite whatever obstacles and hurdles the world throws at us. While we haven’t seen each other for years, we still exchange Christmas cards and his sage advice and determination is instilled into everything that I do.

We all can take a page out of John’s and Brad’s, or your own mentor’s playbook, and summon whatever energy and fortitude we can muster, to do whatever it takes, to find a better way than hidden and punitive taxes to address greenhouse gas emissions and climate change. Mentors inspire people onward to greatness, and it’s in and through this greatness where we ultimately find solutions to problems that were once deemed to be unsolvable. As an Albertan we can only look over to our mentor Brad Wall in Saskatchewan who refuses to siphon billions of dollars from their economy and his taxpayers solely to score ideological and political gains at the cost of current and future prosperity. As a fellow Canadian, get informed and become inspired by Premier Wall’s leadership. We can all do our part by speaking up and supporting his efforts and that is exactly what we are doing in the following pages of this month’s issue of Oilfield PULSE. Let’s become an economic powerhouse through attracting foreign investment and technological innovation, not through taxation and a vailed wealth transfer.

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Remember ……… when ideology trumps science and common sense, you get stupidity and paranoia!

Kevin Turko
Oilfield HUB Inc.

What Defines A Mentor? Premier Brad Wall Does!






Originally  published in the 

February 2017 Issue of Oilfield PULSE