Diversify And The Beating Heart Of Commerce And Success

Date PublishedSeptember 29, 2016
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Diversify And The Beating Heart Of Commerce And Success

As any person living in Alberta for more than a decade can attest, wild fluctuations in oil prices are an industry certainty. It is always a matter of when, and this is not our first rodeo. But it is easy to get lulled by the good times, forgetting the ravages that accompany such an industry changing phenomenon.

Even $45 is a sharp increase from the bone jarring drop to $28 a barrel we saw in January of this year.

In 2001 my computer company was coming off an unprecedented sales year after the Y2K scare only to run smack into oil prices at $26. Since all my clients were in the oil and gas business it caught not only the players, but all related companies as well into a rapidly descending hole of despair. I lost 80% of my revenues (over a million dollars) within 45 days.

Diversify And The Beating Heart Of Commerce And Success

The lesson learned from then was diversification. No matter how lucrative the eggs might be, carrying them in a single basket is always risky and unnecessary. The oil industry is not simply about a product coming out of the ground and being sold in a shaky market. There is a massive medley of moving parts that can carry over to dozens of other industries. We have succumbed to pursuing the low hanging fruit of $100 barrel oil for years. It is time to shake the tree to reach those harder to get rewards.

Diversify And The Beating Heart Of Commerce And SuccessNow is also the time to dig deep into the collective wisdom of the industry to fully understand their role and contribution to the much wider energy business. The money is in how those moving parts can be more widely marketed.

The oil industry has provided massive strides in safe and effective ways to penetrate the earth. We now have unique insights into reclamation processes. We have growth and development models that have taken companies from start-up, to over $100 million in sales within a few years, requiring unparalleled processes of selection, hiring and training of staff.

The oil industry has developed successful operations in every country on earth and in some of the most hostile environments possible. High altitude. Deep ocean. Icy cold. Extreme dry heat. Men and women have lived in these desolate regions of the world for months on end to perform their jobs.

The most versatile and profitable commodity is knowledge. Knowing where and how to build thriving businesses are skills needed in every industry. Yes, the patch is a tough place to work right now. But those companies that come out of the other end intact and able to prosper will do so because they have spent the time searching for their

Diversify And The Beating Heart Of Commerce And Success

Unique Selling Propositions (USP) and helped to usher those drops of gold into the wider market place.

Moyo is always happy to help anyone interested in making the journey within to find the beating heart of commerce and success.

Steve Chapman
Change Management Specialist







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September 2016 Issue of Oilfield PULSE