Headlines From The HUB: Plains Fabrication – February 2016

Date PublishedFebruary 24, 2016
CompanyPlains Fabrication
Article TypeFebruary 2016 Issue
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Headlines From The HUB: Plains Fabrication – February 2016



Headlines From The HUB February 2016

Headlines From The HUB: Plains Fabrication - February 2016

We are honored to feature Plains Fabrication in our February issue of Oilfield PULSE. Plains Fabrication was one of our inaugural clients using our Oilfield HUB service, and has been instrumental in helping us grow the online business community. Chester Nagy, President and his team at Plains Fabrication have been regular contributors to Oilfield PULSE since the launch of the magazine in 2012. Their thought leadership articles covering the manufacturing space for the oil & gas industry are both insightful and welcomed must reads in each issue!

You can catch all of the previous articles from Plains Fabrication on their company page on the PULSE Interactive content marketing channel on our Oilfield PULSE website at:


Many thanks to Tom McCaffery and Stephen Mackisoc for leading the charge on the monthly contributor front line for Plains Fabrication!

Chester Nagy has also participated in our Oilfield HUB Advisory Board and has been an active member particularly from a vendor management perspective. His industry background in oil & gas vendor list organization and management, played a significant role in several new features which have been added to the suite of operations tools within our Oilfield HUB service. In particular, his knowledge and contributions toward the design and development of the GoTo Vendor feature in the Preferred Vendor Manager service module in Oilfield HUB. This feature enables Oilfield HUB clients to create and organize their vendor base by service type, and to rank their preferred vendors within each of these custom lists. GoTo Vendors is now a highly sought after feature by both our E&P and EPC clients, as well as for energy services companies who are also using the HUB to better manage their vendor information.

Plains Fabrication continues to be a vocal supporter of the Oilfield HUB online business community as one of our VIP clients participating at the HUB Advocate service level. The core of the HUB Advocate program focuses on inter-active, lead generation, and promotion of Plains Fabrication to the buyers throughout the oil & gas industry. As Mr. Nagy points out in his HUB Microsite video …… “Oilfield HUB really brings that supply chain to Plains Fabrication on the basis of how we work together throughout and improve in all areas”. You can view his entire video at the Plains Fabrication HUB Microsite below. Plains Fabrication is open for business on the HUB.advocate

To learn more about Plains Fabrication:

headlines from the hub February 2016

Headlines From The HUB: Plains Fabrication - February 2016






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February 2016 Issue of Oilfield PULSE