Have You Done Business With Pajak?

Date PublishedOctober 28, 2013
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Have You Done Business With Pajak?

Don’t You Cringe When You Hear: I Didn’t Know You Guys Did That!!!!

In the high pressure world of oil and gas drilling and completions, accessing the right Pajak Logoinformation at the right time is critical to making good decisions. Calgary based Pajak Engineering is a group of experienced industry professionals that understand the value of communicating the right information in a timely fashion, will greatly improve operational efficiencies.

Pajak-logoPajak’s project management division was interested in creating more efficient operational procedures. What they needed was a customized software solution that not only delivered a more precise oilfield report management component and order process functionality but, unlike anything else in the industry, also incorporated their vendor community directly into the reporting process to help streamline communications. Knowing that today’s technology allows innovative companies like Pajak to implement processes that enable all stakeholders – head office, field personnel and suppliers – instant access to the information they need to work efficiently, deliver information accurately and save time and money, they set out to build a new system to satisfy their needs.

According to Mickey Sutherland, President, CEO of Pajak Engineering Ltd.:

Pajak is launching new online operations tools for product/service sourcing as well as communications and collaboration, to enhance our ability to interface with our contractors, suppliers, vendors and customers. The operational benefits of this system run company-wide from the field superintendent to the accounting department to allow Pajak representatives to reduce non-productive time chasing administrative details or correcting problems surrounding cost analysis issues and identifying potential sourcing alternatives.


The end goal was to find a way to bridge the communication delta between Pajak and their vendor community to:

● Stay well-informed of all available products, services, and contact information from all suppliers in one central online site

● Allow their suppliers to self-manage this information in real time to guarantee the most up-to-date and accurate information about each vendor is on file at all times

● Provide an easier platform for key Pajak personnel to connect with the appropriate staff at each company to exchange bid requests, orders and sourcing inquiries

● View service orders for each well/project with easy access to key data like directions and well information

● Interact and correspond directly with any personnel connected with service orders

● Receive service order change notices on the services provided

● Manage the list of personnel available to fulfill service orders

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