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January 2016 Issue

HUB Bytes – January 2016

Tips, Tricks & Inside Info For Oilfield HUB Did you know you can customize your vendor ratings using the PVM service in Oilfield HUB? Producers and EPCs who are using PVM to better manage their Vendor Lists in Oilfield HUB are... Read More »

December 2015 Issue

HUB Bytes

Tips, Tricks & Inside Info For Oilfield HUB Did you know your Oilfield HUB service package comes with a unique sharable URL for your HUB Microsite? Your custom HUB Microsite URL can be placed in outgoing emails and included in... Read More »

May 2015 Issue

What’s On Everyone’s Lips These Days?

Aside from the obvious white elephants in the room of crappy commodity prices and widespread... Read More »

April 2015 Issue
Bullish On The Future April 2015 Issue Oilfield PULSE

We’re Still Bullish On The Future!

We’re taking advantage of the lull in activity as an opportunity to further prepare and... Read More »

March 2015 Issue


There is an entire symbiotic system in your business that can flourish or flounder depending upon your company’s ability to collaborate and share information. I know what collaboration means to Plains Fabrication, and according... Read More »

February 2015 Issue

The New Reality – Bid Requests To...

So how is your company going to cut costs in the face of falling oil prices? Is this a temporary... Read More »

January 2015 Issue
CEO Message Teaching The Old Dog New Tricks

Teaching The Old Dog New Tricks

The HUB, and our role has evolved, beyond simply the lifecycle of services, supplies and... Read More »

Why I Joined The HUB: Supply Chain...

  “We have chosen to manage our drilling programs using Oilfield HUB’s supply... Read More »

Have You Done Business With Pajak?

Don’t You Cringe When You Hear: I Didn’t Know You Guys Did That!!!! In the high pressure world... Read More »