Go Canada! Let’s Lead Again

Date PublishedFebruary 24, 2016
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Article AuthorClark Grue
Article TypeFebruary 2016 Issue
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Go Canada! Let’s Lead Again

It wasn’t too long ago Canada was seen as a beacon of doing good work in our world. We brought nations together to discuss ways to solve difficult global conflicts and were suppliers of resources to the world. Ask any veteran about our contributions to the World Wars or any other major conflict our allies faced. We were proud of this role. We even invented the UN peacekeepers!

The Canadian flag was such a proud symbol there were stores in the U.S. dedicated to selling Canadian flags to Americans who wanted to travel the world and not be seen as Americans! We were simply seen as caring people who tried to do good for our families, people, and the world.


I encourage any of you to visit some of the small border towns in The Netherlands, France, or Belgium where our troops liberated families from certain annihilation. You will be a very proud and humble Canadian. I have seen this first hand, and it is amazing to feel the love for Canadians. I will guarantee you can get a free beer in Groningen just for being Canadian!

So, if that is who we were, what has changed? If those vets were our grandparents, have we lost their vision for our country? This third generation Canadian who

has visited and done business coast to coast doesn’t think so. We are still the custodians of the most diverse and beautifully endowed country in the world. We love our four seasons and all of the activities we have in our back yards. We love our remarkably clean cities and our diverse people.

If this is who we still are, why aren’t we leading the world in a safe, environmentally sound extraction of hydrocarbons? Why don’t we create the most stringent regulatory regime in the world and encourage our companies to find new ways to reduce waste, recycle water, and return the land to its original state? Why don’t we train world-class engineers to devise ways to produce oil and gas to meet the ever-increasing demands of the global marketplace?

Wait a minute! We already do all of these things! Our quiet majority are those hard working people who care deeply about the planet and taking care of its people. We do this VERY well. Arguably, we do it better than anyone else. That is why we are the best at producing oil and gas. It is in our blood. This is a legacy that has made Canada what it is today.

Why would we leave it to other parts of the world to extract these resources in any way they see fit to reach the global market? Did I mention the demand is rising? I have visited these places and have seen the social impact of these countries on their people. They don’t share the wealth or care how many people are injured and/ or killed when producing their hydrocarbons. They simply produce as much as they can as fast as they can and ship it to a world thirsty for the benefits this product brings to their economy.

So, here we are in Canada with the best minds in the world around this industry. We have smart people who are committed to safe and environmentally friendly extraction of resources. They are truly Canadian. Doesn’t it make sense to have them leading the way in global energy production? Doesn’t it make sense for us to get behind them and promote how damn good they are at this? Doesn’t it make sense to help them produce more and reach more global markets? Wouldn’t this in turn save people and protect the planet?

Our addiction to oil is a global issue and requires leadership from the best minds, the smartest innovators, and the most caring planet custodians. It needs help from Canada! This is how we can help the next generation prosper, succeed, and take care of the planet. Constraining our great people and companies will do nothing to help the damage being done to the global landscape. We only add to it by not being in the game.

Let’s step up and help, not sit in the dressing room and argue about the colour of our uniform. Let us step onto the world’s playing field and lead the troops. Go Canada go!


Clark Grue
President & CEO







Originally published in the 

February 2016 Issue of Oilfield PULSE