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December 2016 Issue

Carbon Corner: Can We Trump The Status...

As 2017 approaches, the Canadian oil and gas industry is part of the national conversation like few... Read More »

October 2016 Issue

More Canada Not More Carbon Tax

We can afford to be generous. Canada is blessed to be the second largest country in the world with a... Read More »

April 2016 Issue

If You Tell A Lie Often Enough...

Our theme this month is ‘One Size Fits All’ and clearly challenges the oil and gas industry from... Read More »

February 2016 Issue

Go Canada! Let’s Lead Again

It wasn’t too long ago Canada was seen as a beacon of doing good work in our world. We brought... Read More »

February 2016 Issue
Striking A Balance

Striking A Balance

Let’s get some facts out of the way before getting too deeply into this discussion. Science is science no matter what any actor, producer, or politician tries to tell you. The absolute bottom line is man is tough on our planet! The... Read More »

CI Energy Group’s 10th Annual Shale Oil...

Since the first days of shale exploration in Canada, CI Energy Group has consistently brought together... Read More »