Holy Crap! Who Would Have Thought

Date PublishedMarch 24, 2016
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Holy Crap! Who Would Have Thought

Once again, we welcome you to our latest edition of Oilfield PULSE. Our theme for our March issue is Pipelines Or Pipe Dreams.

It’s 2016, and our country is being pulled apart by the seams over highly divisive east-west economic and environment issues. Who would have thought Canadian national unity would be back on the front burner once again, but this time as a result of something as simple as a few pipeline projects?

Yeah, I really mean that. These are just pipelines folks!

Once again, we welcome you to our latest edition of Oilfield PULSE. Our theme for our March issue is Pipelines or Pipe Dreams. You know, it’s getting harder to be a proud and patriotic Canadian when we are becoming the laughing stock of the world. We can’t make an informed and timely decision on future pipelines without years upon years, upon years (for emphasis), of NEB hearings, public debate, political grandstanding, and worst of all, ‘Show Me the Money’ backroom tactics and press conference theatrics.


What's At Stake?

Billions of private sector dollars waiting to be spent on new pipeline projects!

Billions of future oil and gas sales on the world stage at much higher fair market values!

Billions of future provincial and federal tax revenues!

Billions of higher and guaranteed transfer payments!

Thousands of jobs to be created to build these pipelines!

Prosperous and proud Canadians across our entire country!

The Energy East Pipeline Project can equal up to $15,700,000,000.00. Need I go on?

So, when did economic prosperity get replaced by economic lunacy?




Holy Crap! Who Would Have Thought

This month we are pleased to feature two of our VIP customers from Oilfield HUB, Pajak Engineering Ltd. and Hurricane Computer Solutions Inc. Both have been instrumental in helping us grow the HUB from within, and each in their own right have brought significant value-add to all of the companies participating in the Oilfield HUB online business community.

We have worked closely with Pajak’s resources and contractors to introduce a new breed of online and ‘cost effective’ daily field reporting for Producers and EPCs. A big thanks to Micky Sutherland, President, CEO, and his entire team, for their contribution towards a very successful product launch late last year and their continued support even in these uncertain economic times in the oil and gas industry. I am confident you will find their feature article on page 34 an informative insight on how they can assist producers of every size!

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Hurricane Computer Solutions Inc. Oilfield HUB Influencer Microsite

Holy Crap! Who Would Have Thought

New pipelines, without a shadow of a doubt, make all of this happen. Resurrect Keystone XL. Get on with building the ‘approved’ Northern Gateway. And for God’s sake, stop all the crap and approve both Energy East and the Trans Mountain expansion. What other private sector projects and economic stimulus do we have on the backburner to replace each of these multibillion dollar projects?

Sorry, my bad. What I am thinking? Let’s go with the flow and approve more infrastructure spending by civic, provincial, and federal governments using our own tax dollars instead. Let’s continue to borrow more and more public debt, because our political leaders seem to be more enthralled with their warm and fuzzy pipe dreams. When did the feelings and ulterior motives of the environmental minority take precedence over the well-being of 36 million Canadian citizens from coast to coast?

If you’re concerned about our environment, climate change, or have blossomed into a supporter of a foreign funded environmental activist or radical organization, don’t stop reading yet, because this next couple of paragraphs are aimed squarely at you! This is for all of you who think you’re getting our goat each time you call the world’s third largest natural resource reserve ‘Tar Sands’.


You know, I am pretty simple guy. Believe it or not, I do care about the planet and what is being done to it on the global landscape, not just here in Western Canada. To illustrate, I think there are about 500,000 households in Calgary alone. Every one of them has a tiny buried natural gas pipeline to supply our furnaces that are fed from bigger pipelines buried under all our streets. These are supplied from even bigger pipelines that feed our cities. Call me crazy, but I think most of Canada is in the same boat. I wonder how many Canadians, and the environmentalists who live here, are worried about wanton natural gas spills due to inadequate pipeline safety. I think not!

Then, there are the thousands upon thousands of miles of pipelines stretched across both Canada and the United States, all of which are constructed by private


companies, to move oil and gas from the wellhead to market each and every minute, 365 days a year. Where’s all the, “Oh My God!” disastrous news about the safety and environmental impact of those pipelines? Canada is a mere pup when comparing the spider-web of regional pipelines spanning across the United States. Yet Keystone XL and Canadian oil is bad, but a new Kenyan pipeline is still good. Who are the hypocrites here?

If the same amount of oil is being consumed, let’s just choose and buy from local Canadian suppliers.


And for my final word on this subject, I’ll use Energy East as an example (sorry TransCanada). Let’s go ahead and build the Energy East pipeline. Let’s replace the purchase of our foreign oil supply in major markets, like Ontario and Quebec, with our own. Buy Canadian! Why not? There would be little to no net increase in greenhouse gasses. If the same amount of oil is being consumed, let’s just choose and buy from local Canadian suppliers. When our country, and each of our provinces, have achieved their new and sustainable economies using renewal resources, that’s when we’ll stop buying Canadian oil and gas. It doesn’t get much simpler than that!

Companies like Trans-Canada, Unbridle, and Kinder Morgan are prepared to take on the financial risk to build and operate these major pipelines. They’ve done a pretty bang up job moving this stuff for decades. No sense to stop trusting them now! They’re up for the challenge under even greater public watch, government scrutiny, and environmental stewardship. The onus and burden is on each of our provinces to change our future energy ways but not solely on the backs of our current Canadian suppliers. Eventually, if you don’t want to buy our oil, just say no! If and when that occurs, we will simply sell it internationally. How? Because once these mega pipeline projects are completed we will be able to get Canadian oil and gas, in both a safe and environmentally friendly manner, to tidewater.

This is what investors in our dollar, country, and businesses are looking for. This is what the majority of Canadians want to hear. Our future depends on it!

In the weeks and months ahead stay tuned for: Fossil Fuels Canada – helping the next generation of Canadians succeed, prosper and take care of our planet! CANADIAN ENERGY PRIDE!

Kevin Turko
Oilfield HUB Inc.

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