Meet Hubbard!

Date PublishedDecember 23, 2016
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Article TypeNovember 2016 Issue
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Meet Hubbard!

First Name: HUBBARD
Last Name: None (Like Sting, or Madonna)
Species: Tyrannosaurus Rex

Hatched: Drumheller, Alberta

Hello Oilfield PULSE readers! I wanted to pop in and introduce myself since you’ll be seeing me more throughout the magazine and social media starting this month. I’m the official spokesman for the Oilfield HUB supply network, but I’m not just a pretty face, I love helping my supply network expert colleagues sniff out (since my eyesight isn’t that great) and seal new deals. Although I try not to use my size and killer reputation as an intimidation factor when meeting perspective HUB clients.

Jurassic Park really has given us T-Rex’s a bad name. I know most of us are known for being vicious predators, but I’m just a softy looking to help producers find increased value within their supply network, especially now during tough times. If you thought the Cretaceous period was treacherous, try working in the oil and gas industry under NDP and Liberal governments! But I digress…

As the spokesman and political pundit for Oilfield HUB, I’m a dedicated advocate for the industry and all the clients in our supply network. Although, I’m not incredibly politically correct, I’m not afraid to say the things that are on all of our minds, cause who’s got the cojones to argue with a T-Rex, right?

I’m a hard-working dino, and I get especially excited when I see our clients gaining greater control over the accountability of each vendor in their supply chain, and making certain they have a transparent process to determine if they are receiving the best value for the best possible price while maintaining strong and healthy relationships with their vendors.

While I’m not in it for the glory, throwing a cow or 12 my way never hurts. Gotta love that Alberta beef! And when I’m really excited, I like to let loose my trademark roar, but it tends to scare the humans in the office so I save it for special occasions. What doesn’t excite me? Making my bed, or really anything that requires me to use my stubby little arms, so I’m more into leg day at the gym.

Well folks, I could go on and on about myself all day but I’ll leave it at that. Keep your eyes peeled for me in the magazine, I’ve been busy!!



meet hubbard!

meet hubbard!

Oilfield HUB Specialist
Leadstone Group Inc.

meet hubbard!






Originally published in the 

December 2016 Issue of Oilfield PULSE