Parallel Universe

Date PublishedSeptember 29, 2016
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Parallel Universe

I’m a big science fiction buff spanning everything from time travel to parallel universes. Wouldn’t time travel be a wonderful tool, to jump back a year or two to tamper with the old timeline? Perhaps to drastically change the outcome of our last Alberta provincial and federal elections! I assume if you’re a fan of our Oilfield PULSE magazine you would gladly volunteer to slingshot at warp speed around the sun to take a crack at this away mission. Or perhaps to take a spin back to the future, to check out the health of the oil and gas industry, including prices, supply and demand particularly when considering the state and potential outcome of our current economic, political, and environmental trials and tribulations.


These days I can’t help but feel we are also living in a parallel universe here in Canada. The policy lines and platforms between our political parties have blurred to such an extent and on so many fronts. Both the Liberal and NDP parties are now using ‘carbon’ to achieve their own tax, political and social ideologies with little to no regard for the hardships this is placing on unemployed Canadians, nor the wellbeing of our economy. Who would have thought this would ever happen in this country? Even some of the card carrying Progressive Conservatives in Alberta are wolves in sheep’s clothing on many of these divisive issues. While we struggle to see over the 2016 and 2017 horizons in the oil and gas industry, it really makes me ponder how well off our kids will be straddling the mountains of insurmountable debt that is currently being accumulated by all levels of government across Canada.

advisors and supply network experts are up for this challenge, and yes, it’s never too late to get in the game. As for revenue, we’re world renowned experts at increasing production, but are still at the mercy of demand, over-supply, and depressed commodity pricing. But in Canada that is not where the revenue war really needs to be waged. We need to collectively rise up to the challenge to drastically change the industry narrative and conversation with all Canadians from coast to coast. It is our fellow Canadians who understand the countless benefits of a secure financial future and healthy economy who will sway and push our politicians into reluctant action. Stop wasting our dollars, time and energy trying to pander and convince opponents to the industry to see things our way. Let’s just move on! Their answer will always be no, or leave it in the ground, no matter what we say or do.

To make matters worse, all of these ‘takers’ also harbor a miserably poor vision for the oil and gas industry. You would think that those we are actually paying to represent us would be doing everything in their ability and power to help right the industry ship here at home. Instead our political leaders are unprecedentedly passive and silent for the most part in support of our industry. Or are they really, as they quietly stack the deck against the industry even further by hiring environmental lobbyists into positions of influence, as well as appointing eco-activists to industry advisory councils and boards? Actions speak louder than words. The foxes are in the hen house and until this changes, hopefully in a few years’ time, the industry will have to get back up off the canvas under its own volition using the same ingenuity and determination that has made it the cornerstone of the Canadian economy for decades past and many years to come.

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Parallel Universe

You would think that those we are actually paying
to represent us would be doing everything in their
ability and power to help right the industry ship here at home.

Notley Trudeau Wall. The 3 Legged Carbon Tax Stool

Yet in all this chaos, we are heartened to be surrounded by all kinds of oil and gas industry diehards, the huge ‘makers’ in our country that are still full of piss and vinegar to turn this around. They refuse to let the current pricing environment, crappy investor climate, or unfavourable political winds hold them down. They are still vigorously out there raising new capital, restructuring their companies, and reducing costs in order to survive. But how can these companies morph from survival mode to thrive at $45 oil and prolonged depressed gas prices? This seems to be the new norm, at least for the time being. Prices have been holding steady in the $40 to $50 range for some time now and no one can forecast when, or if, we’ll ever see these numbers climb back up to previous boom year prices.

So what side of this debate do you sit on? Sure it’s way too easy to dwell on the negative or to throw in the towel, but here at Oilfield HUB Inc. we are committed to fighting on beside the rest of our industry brethren. How do we do that? Increase revenues and lower costs! Undoubtedly, we and the companies we continue to support have to find even more cost efficiencies in every aspect of our operations to become lower cost producers on the world stage. Our team of trusted business

Carbon Corner: The Carbon Pollution Shell Game

With winter fast approaching, the historical peak drilling season is upon us, so we asked our Oilfield HUB Producer and EPC clients and regular Oilfield PULSE contributors for their insights and advice on how companies can thrive at $45. With such a prolonged downturn, everyone’s world is still in a constant state of flux and turmoil! This has resulted in unprecedented layoffs and dramatic reductions to cap-ex programs, procurement, vendor management practices and field operations. In the final analysis, is it possible for the industry to both survive, and thrive, at $45? Absolutely! Hence our theme for this issue of the PULSE.

As always, thanks for hanging around the digital water cooler with us and our latest edition of Oilfield PULSE!



This month, a special shout-out goes to Doug Wagner, Al Dhalla and their team at Sunwapta Solutions Inc., our newest VIP client and HUB Benefactor. We are very excited to bring their marketing execution expertise and services to the companies participating in our Oilfield HUB service and online supply network. Sunwapta will be playing a pivotal role in our own marketing efforts to grow the number of companies utilizing Oilfield HUB, as well as increasing the exposure and distribution of our Oilfield PULSE magazine.
Marketing budgets were some of the first line item casualties for many of our energy services companies. So it is doubly exciting for us to have Sunwapta on board to help our companies regain some lost marketing ground during the downturn, and to position their companies for sustained growth as the oil and gas industry evolves and recovers over the many months and years to come!
Doug Wagner is also a regular contributor to the PULSE. Feel free to reach out to either Doug or Al. We would also be delighted to make a warm introduction on your behalf.

Doug Wagner

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September 2016 Issue of Oilfield PULSE