Strategy, Streamline, and Partnership: Just the Beginning

Date PublishedApril 10, 2014
CompanyLeadstone Group Inc., Stormhold Energy Ltd.
Article AuthorAndrea Turko
Article TypePress Release, PULSE Interactive Newsletter Apr. 2014
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Strategy, Streamline, and Partnership: Just the Beginning



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Andrea Turko
Leadstone Group Inc.


Strategy, Streamline, and Partnership: Just the Beginning

Calgary, Alberta, Canada (April 8, 2014)  In a milestone agreement, Stormhold Energy Ltd. (SEL) has signed a five year deal with Leadstone Group Inc. to exclusively use Leadstone’s Oilfield HUB vendor management and supply chain management tools for sourcing products and services on SEL’s ambitious 80 well drilling program in East Central Alberta, concentrating on development of carbonate in the Killam Barrier Reef Complex.

Prior to this agreement, SEL was concerned with the time, cost, and ability to manage their projects and source transparent vendors. “Instead of spending a lot of time selecting qualified vendors to source their services, supplies and rentals, we can now go through the HUB and pick and choose vendors based on relationships that they’ve established in the industry and manage our drilling programs with the HUB’s supply chain management tools. It saves us a lot of time and energy.” says Chadd Radke, President and CEO of Stormhold.

For Leadstone, this five year deal with SEL demonstrates the possibility for all Operator and EPC companies. “Being able to streamline projects, improve accountability, and increase cost efficiencies allows the HUB to be an effective management tool for the companies that use it. Operators can plan better and operate more proactively, reduce non-productive time and coordinate sourcing activities between the office and the field more efficiently.” says Kevin Turko, CEO of Leadstone.

A user-friendly, online business community, the HUB offers the ability to centrally manage all of the information around your vendor base and coordinate the consistent use of preferred vendors between head office and the field, making the HUB not just a time saving, but a cost saving tool as well. As Radke puts it, “what’s important is that Leadstone identifies and quantifies the vendors. This in itself saves us a lot of capital, not only through sourcing, but with properly monitoring the cost controls. It’s a vehicle to assist with cost savings.”

Oilfield HUB is an avenue to build strong, long, and healthy relationships, helping operators run more efficient and streamlined projects, based on trust and community. In fact, Leadstone is thrilled that Radke sees “SEL using the HUB in future endeavours. With that in mind, we’ve signed a five year contract, which no one else has done in the industry. This shows our intent as Leadstone has certainly shown us theirs.”

In addition, with this agreement comes another five year renewal option, amplifying not just the business undertaking of Stormhold, but the integrity and professional relationship built on trust between the two organizations.

For companies looking to better streamline their operations, or simply learn more about how you can use Oilfield HUB in your business, please contact Kevin Turko, CEO of Leadstone at


About Leadstone Group Inc.

Leadstone Group Inc. is a Calgary based company combining a unique blend of top-notch operations and sales and marketing professionals. We aid our clients in improving their business processes through our Oilfield HUB service, unique supply chain order processing tools, oilfield reporting, and SaaS based customer relationship and vendor management systems. At Leadstone Group, building your business is our business.


About Stormhold Energy

Stormhold Energy Ltd. (SEL) is a private Calgary based exploration company exclusively focused on developing the multi-zone light oil play in East-Central Alberta, west of the defined Provost pool, near Halkirk. SEL’s mission is to build shareholder value by utilizing modern technology advances, specifically, horizontal drilling and multi-fracturing methods – exploiting low risk-opportunities.


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