The Best Defence Is A Good Offense

Date PublishedFebruary 24, 2016
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Article AuthorKevin Turko
Article TypeFebruary 2016 Issue
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The Best Defence Is A Good Offense

Killing Trees vs. Killing Business Is The Theme Of Our February 2016 Issue Of Oilfield PULSE.

Even though oil & gas projects are idling on fumes these days, time keeps rolling on whether we like it or not. Perhaps many people across the industry in Western Canada would prefer it to be late 2016 as that seems to be the date many prognosticators are now suggesting we will have to wait for before prices recover and things return anywhere near to some semblance of what is now a distant memory of normal.

Thanks for joining us for our February edition of Oilfield PULSE. We continue to strive to bring our readers topical issues each month, and certainly there is absolutely no shortage of issues in the media, around the water cooler, and unfortunately, in the unemployment lines that raise the ire and passion for those of us that rely on the oil & gas industry to make a decent living. Even under these trying economic times, the environment is yet another insurmountable issue which is being thrust upon us. It’s now on everyone’s lips even as new drilling activity continues to fall, profits evaporate and companies fail due to low commodity prices.

Killing Trees vs. Killing Business is the theme of our February 2016 issue of Oilfield PULSE. When we were putting the content together for this issue back in early January we had all heard about President Obama killing the Keystone XL pipeline, and Prime Minister Trudeau asking his Transportation Minister to formalize a moratorium on crude oil tanker traffic on British Columbia’s North Coast. Since then we have had a couple of other potential crippling blows and verbal attacks against both the Energy East and Trans Mountain pipeline projects resulting in massive future implications and continued uncertainty surrounding selling Canadian oil & gas at, or closer to, fair market values to regions within our own borders and to countries overseas. And now we have a new PST (provincial sales tax), in my view conveniently disguised as Carbon Price, in Alberta to add to this uncertainty and the financial woes both companies and individuals are facing each and every day.The Best Defense Is A Good Offense: CEO Message PULSE Interactive Magazine February 2016



This month we are honored to feature one of our inaugural Oilfield HUB customers participating in our online business community. Plains Fabrication and Supply. They have been an ardent supporter from day one, and continue to lead the charge as one of our VIP – HUB Advocate clients. If you’re looking for a supplier, who is a world class manufacturer, you need not look any further than a partner like Plains Fabrication and Supply! Check out our feature article on Plains, “MAKING STEEL FLOW” on PULSE Interactive.

This month we called on our Oilfield HUB customers and regular contributors to voice their opinions on this sensitive subject. We would like to send a loud and clear message to our politicians, industry opponents, and low information voters that perhaps neither CO2 emissions nor the oil & gas industry are really killing the planet. Conversely, what many self-proclaimed environmentalists and politicians are proposing is truly helping to kill a once prosperous and long standing business. It seems our industry is always defending itself against these attacks from a position of shame, acting like the ugly cousin no one wants to be associated with. This has to stop!

Almost unanimously, our Oilfield HUB clients feel the oil and gas industry doesn’t do anywhere near a good job at selling itself. But then again, why should this surprise any of us! What industry does? Particularly an industry that doesn’t have any direct customers nor the need to advertise to sell their goods and services. When retailers advertise to consumers, by extension, they are also promoting the industry they represent. That is the key and missing ingredient for the oil & gas industry. Sure there are the industry associations, but they have to walk the thin line between the industry they represent, and the government bodies they lobby against. They are handcuffed by social commentary and the unabashed need to not offend or fuel the rest of those who actively campaign for the industry’s demise.

The Best Defence Is A Good Offense

We know oil and gas executives go home every evening wondering what is going to hit them next. They’re not marketers by trade, nor should they be! They are just a handful of proud Canadians who believe a profitable company leads to a vibrant industry, which results in a healthy economy. They, along with other industry leaders across Canada, understand it is this prosperity that will position our country for alternate economy opportunities and open the door to potential and new sustainable and renewable energy sources. But they are realists as well. It’s not going to happen overnight. Private sector money and substantial investment is needed to effect this level of change. Radical change today is not the answer, nor is continual government funded initiatives. We can’t spend tax dollars or borrow our way to this alternate economy and prosperity. Considered and continual baby steps are needed, not divisive 15 round fights to the death. This doesn’t benefit either side!

In good times and in bad, our industry nor its leaders can afford to sit on the sidelines any longer. War room tactics and boardroom ranting isn’t working. We have to take the offensive to tell our story, and tell it well! Leaf through the pages of this issue of Oilfield PULSE. We can do it! Our articles are written by grassroots contributors, who are passionate to express their own views, and those of their oil & gas peers. But it doesn’t stop there, we all have to step up our game.

We are planning to do just that. In the weeks and months ahead stay tuned for… Fossil Fuels Canada… helping the next generation of Canadians succeed, prosper and take care of our planet!

Canadian Energy Pride!

Kevin Turko
Leadstone Group

The Best Defence Is A Good Offense






Originally  published in the 

February 2016 Issue of Oilfield PULSE