Tip of the Iceberg

Date PublishedNovember 12, 2013
CompanyLeadstone Group Inc., Oilfield HUB
Article AuthorKevin Turko
Article TypeNovember 2013 Issue, PULSE Interactive Newsletter Nov. 2013
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Tip of the Iceberg

We all suffer from the same affliction. We are constantly striving to strengthen the relationships and build the level of trust between our companies, and the E&P and EPCs we are or want to do business with. After all, that’s what leads to more business, isn’t it!

Yet, in doing so, we still have trouble figuring out why we can’t get that next new customer. We are often frustrated when we have other products and services to offer to our customers, that they don’t order or even seem to know about. We think if our prospects would just take the time to get to know our companies a little bit better, they would surely buy from us. Well, we all suffer the same sales and marketing affliction, whether you’re ………

  • an Exploration and Production company looking for new investment capitalOilfieldHUB_LOGO_with tag
  • an EPC company looking to expand your Operator client base
  • a Service and Supply company looking for new opportunities to sell into more Exploration and Production companies
  • a Rental company looking for ways to gain a larger share of your Producer’s wallet
  • a Manufacturing company looking for new fabrication work with oil patch Service, Supply and Rental companies

Here’s what we are hearing from our new Oilfield HUB members. It’s tough to get noticed, it’s difficult to make contact, it’s hard to get in to see someone, and it’s even harder to break into an existing supply chain. Salespeople for service and supply companies are pounding the pavement in downtown Calgary, and doing a very reasonable job getting in front of the right people in established relationships where product sourcing decisions are being made. But at the same time, they quickly realize when orders are not flowing, that the actual buying decisions are also being made by their customer’s people in the field. How do you reach those folks when they need you and your products and services the most? You do a creditable job in Calgary, but can’t be in front of every superintendent, field supervisor or their field staff when they are making their vendor selections and purchasing decisions. Worse yet, what happens when you don’t have a sales presence in Calgary or near any of these individuals? Then what?

We coined this, “The Tip of the Iceberg Effect”. It’s all about changing market perceptions and established industry paradigms surrounding the many competitors that have come and gone before us, while still battling current competitors that are offering comparable products and services. This is all the stuff above the water line. The information that is easily accessible to all, but likely not strong enough to win over that next new client or order. Sound familiar in your world? Our challenge, how do we educate our customers and prospects about all of the great things we can do, the experience that we have, the expertise we can offer and the entire suite of products and services we can provide? The vast amount of great stuff our customers should know about us, that’s lying below the water line!

Interestingly, we suffer a similar fate with our own sales and marketing efforts when approaching new prospects about Oilfield HUB. At times we are met with an immediate dismissal which leaves us shaking our heads. We’re told we are just another directory, or that their advertising budget has been spent, or we’ve tried services like this before and didn’t get any results.

So we too are battling old market perceptions when selling the value of the HUB; that darn stuff above the water line! So what’s all below our water line? Hmm! If I’ve left you hanging and wanting more, well that’s the Tip of Our Iceberg. Give us a call.

Kevin Turko, CEO Leadstone Group Inc.