You Can’t Be Everything To Everyone

Date PublishedDecember 24, 2015
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Article AuthorRobert M. Schmidt
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You Can’t Be Everything To Everyone

It’s been quite the year with ups, downs, and inside outs. We’ve experienced an extended downturn for producers and the companies who serve them well. What a storm! Few expected it to last this long and fewer yet could foresee the size of its impact.

reBox Creative Inc. cant be everything to everyoneBut, what’s in store for the upcoming year? What’s the forecast look like for 2016? Where are we going, and what should we prepare to do? We’ll never profess to be sooth-sayers and prognosticators. For us, we’re just a small group of communicators who have the pleasure of seeing this industry work from the inside and the out. As for us, and our slightly cloudy crystal ball, we’re seeing 2016 as a year of paused planning and focused action.

As advisors, we’re invited into the board rooms of many different companies both large and small. We get to see how leaders act and react to the ebb and flow of this industry. And for us, we’ve seen industry executives choose one of two extremes. It’s a sort of dichotomy of action. At one end of the spectrum, leaders are choosing to position their companies more effectively in their market place. At the other end, teams of executives and business owners are curled up in the fetal position in their corner office retreated and waiting for the storm to pass. Well, by now, all have realized this storm isn’t leaving anytime soon. Sure, things are forecasted to be a little brighter in 2016, but few are expecting a quick return to the days of glory.

We believe 2016 will be a time where our industry will take advantage of the forced pause to reflect on who they are and where they choose to play.

cant be everything to everyone

From our perspective, we’re seeing the upcoming year to be one of effectiveness and efficiency. One where you do more with what you have. One where you focus on getting the most out of what you already have. We’re not talking about extreme cost cutting or about squeezing out efficiencies from operation through lean manufacturing and six sigma. We’re talking about focusing on value creation.

For too long, companies have been running flat out. They’ve been overheated and too busy looking after a booming industry to pause and reflect. We believe 2016 will be a time where our industry will take advantage of the forced pause to reflect on who they are and where they choose to play. It will be a year focused on rebuilding and crafting an offering aligned with one’s expertise. Gone are the days of being all-things-to-all-people. This storm-induced delay will force many to regroup and take advantage of the lull.

From our vantage point, we’re already seeing a refocus on effectiveness and efficiency. The future will be held by those focused on getting the most out of what they already have. Company leaders are no longer wasting time and money trying to be all things to all people.

you cant be everything to everyoner Oilfield PULSE December 2015 IssueIn fact, we’re seeing many leaders investing on refining their offerings and investing strategically in telling their stories. They are reconnecting with their market and determining what it is about their companies that bring true value. They are using this pause to refine and rebuild. For when the storm clouds part and the sun returns, it is those ready who will make it a year worth celebrating.

Robert M. Schmidt

You Cant Be Everything To Everyone Oilfield PULSE December 2015 Issue






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December 2015 issue of Oilfield PULSE