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January 2017 Issue
the five stages of oil and gas grief

The Five Stages Of Oil And Gas...

Just a mere 4 years ago I was sitting in a downtown boardroom in Calgary across from a leading player... Read More »

December 2016 Issue

Canada Trumps US Economy

We are currently facing multiple disadvantages with the low price of oil and the poor showing of our dollar at $0.75 USD. This is greatly adding to the cost of everything we bring across the border and subsequently meaning we need to... Read More »

July – August 2016 Issue

Is Your Business Export Ready?

Rally. It’s kind of a funny word I think. What does it mean to you? The dictionary says; to draw or call (persons) together for a common action or effort. Following three consecutive surveys showing declining confidence among... Read More »

December 2015 Issue

So… 2016 Happy New Year?

Now, there are some reports the economy is going to recover a bit and some even more optimistic folks who think by mid-year there may be some increase and stability to oil prices. This has not been a great year in Alberta.... Read More »

December 2015 Issue

You Can’t Be Everything To Everyone

It’s been quite the year with ups, downs, and inside outs. We’ve experienced an extended... Read More »

December 2015 Issue

Calgary’s Going Gold

Adversity Meet Persistence; Persistence Meet Destiny. What a tremendous place to live here in the beautiful City of Calgary! What other city can you see across the golden prairies and watch a magnificent sunrise and then, in... Read More »