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April 2016 Issue

If You Tell A Lie Often Enough...

Our theme this month is ‘One Size Fits All’ and clearly challenges the oil and gas industry from... Read More »

March 2016 Issue

Holy Crap! Who Would Have Thought

Once again, we welcome you to our latest edition of Oilfield PULSE. Our theme for our March issue is... Read More »

February 2016 Issue

The Best Defence Is A Good Offense

Killing Trees vs. Killing Business Is The Theme Of Our February 2016 Issue Of Oilfield... Read More »

January 2016 Issue
collaboration and cooperation

In A Galaxy Far, Far Away…

While The Patch Is Breaking And Shaking Around You! Welcome to our January issue of Oilfield... Read More »

December 2015 Issue

WOW… What a Roller Coaster Year...

When we created the Oilfield PULSE magazine our mission was to provide our Oilfield HUB customers... Read More »

November 2015 Issue
royalty review CEO Message November 2015 Oilfield PULSE Issue

Guarded Pessimism Or Optimism?

As for the current royalty review, it sure isn't optimism on the streets across Alberta! When speaking with oil and gas industry vets, it’s really kind of interesting most people in the patch feel relatively unprepared or ill... Read More »

October 2015 Issue

Staying´ Alive

While The Patch Is Breaking And Shaking Around You! Wow! What a turbulent time to be involved in the oil and gas industry! Never before has a casual greeting like, “How’s it going?” been met with such... Read More »