Connecting Buyers & Sellers

Date PublishedJune 12, 2012
CompanyLeadstone Group Inc., Oilfield HUB
Article AuthorKevin Turko
Article TypeSummer 2012 Issue
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Connecting Buyers & Sellers

I’ve been asked by the publisher of Oilfield PULSE to provide an update on our Oilfield HUB activities for this premier edition of Oilfield PULSE.

I must say, it is with great pleasure that I can experience how these two services are coming together to provide our members, and advertisers, with such a formidable marketing force. It is also very gratifying for me, and our sales team to meet and talk with prospective new members as we strive to rapidly grow the online ecosystem and drive more prospective customers to our member’s doors! Our member relations team is meeting and speaking with many familiar and new industry contacts as we activate memberships. It is nice to see these relationships being forged as we circle back with these new members to optimize their Oilfield HUB marketing presence and to further enhance communications and access to information for their existing clients, and of course, prospective new customers.

So what makes all this possible? For those of you who are not familiar with Oilfield HUB as of yet, let me give you a brief background on the service itself and why we feel we are bringing a new value proposition to the energy sector. There are two sides to the Oilfield HUB coin depending on your vantage point in the oil and gas industry.

First, a view from the service and supply company’s vista of Oilfield HUB. Around many offices, and the occasional coffee shop, vendors often discuss how raise their industry profile, get more customers, and how to spend their marketing and advertising dollars. All designed to assist the efforts of their sales team to close more sales and grow their business. Our mission is to put Oilfield HUB, and our members in front of those people that count, those that are interested in purchasing your products and services. Whenever they are searching for a very specific product, service or key contact, Oilfield HUB acts as their pipeline to easily find you, to initiate that important telephone call, email, text, to coordinate an order via the HUB, all in a much more efficient and timely manner.

So what’s in Oilfield HUB from a producer or operators point of view? Oilfield HUB gives them an excellent vendor management tool and information source! Why? Seeing as all of our members can effortlessly manage their own company profiles and real-time HUB Microsites, operators have online access to the most current information on their vendor’s products, services and people at all times. The HUB Search Engine instantly zeros in on operator’s qualified vendors and opens the door for them to access new vendors who might offer similar products and services. No more giving up on Google searches that return results for everything but exactly what you are searching for in the patch! Operators can also use Oilfield HUB to collaborate and more productively manage supply chain communications and orders for their projects and facilities. Miscommunication will be the thing of the past!

Our goal is to make Oilfield HUB the preeminent meeting place and source of product, service and contact information for the energy business. As the saying goes, membership has its privileges. Become a member of Oilfield HUB today, it’s free to get started. We look forward to seeing you on the HUB!