The Road to Preferred Vendor Status is Steep

Date PublishedSeptember 10, 2012
CompanyLeadstone Group Inc., Oilfield HUB
Article AuthorKevin Turko
Article TypeSeptember 2012 Issue
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The Road to Preferred Vendor Status is Steep

Whether you are an experienced industry player or new entrant in the energy sector, cracking into well-established supply chains is a difficult and time consuming task for many service and supply companies. Who do you talk to? What products are they interested in? Where are your services needed? When is the best time to approach a potential customer? Why do they want to do business with you?

In speaking with potential Oilfield HUB members, we often re-live the time and effort that each of them has invested generating solid leads and new business opportunities. The road to achieving ‘Preferred’ vendor status is remarkably similar for everyone. We are all continually talking with people, dropping off brochures, sending out e-mails, making calls and schmoozing at industry events and trade shows. Getting top shelf exposure can be particularly difficult when your office is located in a geographically remote city like Fort St. John, Grande Prairie or Wilcox, while most of your customers are based in Calgary. Despite your best efforts, you find that you are still not receiving calls from contacts when they need something that you sell.

So how do you get noticed? When an existing or prospective customer calls up a list of their preferred vendors to call someone about a product or service, how does your company get onto that list? Better still, when a potential customer wants to send a bid request electronically to a wider selection of potential vendors, how do you make sure that your company is included in this opportunity? If your business card isn’t the one stuck in the visor of your customer’s pickup truck or the latest addition to his or her rolodex, you may not get that call. If you have managed to crest this steep slope and you do get to the top of a preferred vendor list, then you’ve got it made — at least with that client. But that is not good enough!

How can Oilfield HUB help? In boardrooms across Western Canada, companies struggle with the most effective way to spend their sales and marketing dollars to achieve the greatest possible return. Many of these companies are turning to the one-two marketing punch of Oilfield HUB and Oilfield PULSE to increase their exposure in the energy sector and crack preferred vendor lists. With Oilfield HUB, you’re not three pages back in the address book or business directory; you’re on screen, just an inch or two below their typical first pick.

Joining the ever growing Oilfield HUB community provides our members with the unique opportunity to promote every product and service they offer, along with their key contact personnel. When Operators are searching for products and services that you provide, whether you are a preferred vendor or not, your company information is provided in their search results. As a member of Oilfield HUB you self-manage your vendor profile, for the benefit of your existing customers and potential clients. This means Operators are viewing the most current and accurate information that you are promoting in your HUB Microsite, making it easier for them to find the products and services they need, exactly when they want to buy!

But what if you still want more? Have you tried advertising? Oilfield HUB offers several unique marketing and advertorial packages to round out your membership with an advertising strategy, big or small, with the added support of our Leadstone creative marketing team. Advertising your products and services in Oilfield PULSE keeps you in front of potential buyers and decision makers during good times and bad. Oilfield PULSE ads land in the Inboxes and on the desks of industry decision makers every month – placing our advertisers and Oilfield HUB members in front of your prospective customers. We will direct your ad to the right people – your potential buyers – via our Leadstone target marketing system.

Becoming a part of the Oilfield HUB community can give you a powerful one-two marketing punch that will help you crack your next preferred vendor list!